In December 2003 the Danny Russell family left their life-long home in Port Lavaca and moved to the COUNTRY! Everyone was sure we had “flipped our lids” until they saw our beautiful home on the Lavaca River near Edna, Texas. Along with that home came beautiful oaks and green pastures that screamed for livestock. Our sense of Texas pride naturally led us to the Texas Longhorn. The first of the herd arrived in the form of a surprise gift in 2005 with others coming fast behind. Our story is nearly identical to many others we have read; in less than two years we were looking for more land so we can have more longhorns!

We drive in every afternoon and are greeted by a variety of colors, sizes, and horn varieties. It has become one of our favorite pastimes watching to see whose horns are growing best or guessing when a particular cow will have her calf. We are proud of the animals we have chosen for our foundation stock. While our cattle are registered and most eligible for the Millenium Futurity, more importantly each animal was handpicked and brings a unique quality to our herd.  We are proud of our accomplishments in the industry. Although we have a small herd, we have had two Hall of Fame Females-- HL Shadows Sand Plum in 2011 and CR Unstopabull Chex Appeal in 2012.  Additionally, our  CR Hijo Wow bull is now a two time bronze winner at the 2012 and 2013 Horn Showcase events and is recently AI certified and have semen for sale. We will continue to add great genetics to our herd that will enhance what we already have and continue breeding gorgeous longhorn cattle.

People have asked how we came up with the name Cactus Rose. The name comes from a line in an old western that compared the color of a woman’s cheeks to a cactus rose. Who would have guessed then that the line from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance would help us name our very own longhorn herd nearly 40 years later. We were considering the notion of Cactus Rose when we found a prickly pear in full bloom growing in the fork of an oak tree on our place. After that discovery, we were certain - Cactus Rose Longhorns was born! You will always find registered Texas Longhorn heifers, bulls, and steers for sale on the Cactus Rose Longhorn Sale Pen page.

Visit our website often and watch as the Cactus Rose herd matures and produces many gorgeous animals.

Danny & Merrilou Russell
Breeders of Quality Registered Texas Longhorn Cattle

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